- Acceptable Use Policy

About is a privately owned network with a strong anti-abuse position. As such, no abuse, incoming or outgoing, is tolerated here.

Dealing with abuse

Responsible in the past sources of abuse (a clueless, or an accidental abuse) will be strongly warned and their connectivity with the network will probably remain intact, for the first time.

The connectivity of repeating abusers, as well as known abusers of other networks, will be severed without any warnings, As Soon As Possible.

Outgoing abuse

The network is owned by the anti-abuse activist, who fights the Internet abuse by routinely reporting it to the originating networks' abuse desks and/or administrators, and also trying to help the anti-abuse cause on the Usenet newsgroup. As long as is under my control, no network abuse should ever be committed from this network. The network runs on Linux, hence it's immune to viruses designed to run on Windows (the majority of viruses that you can see around). This network is also open relays/proxies-free and is updated daily.

If you was abused, and the source claims to be the network, it's most possible not true, and was either forged, or is under attack from some abuser whose abusive activities were stopped in the past with the help of this network.

In any case, please, forward the evidence of this abuse to the Abuse desk e-mail box:, and it will be investigated, and all possible actions from this side to stop the abuser will be taken. In the case of e-mail abuse, please, include full headers. otherwise it will be very hard (or impossible) to trace the real source of the abuse.

Incoming abuse

In the cases of abuse coming from other networks against the one, a formal complaint will be sent to the appropriate abuse/admin desks of those networks, asking them to investigate and stop the abuse. If these complaints will be ignored and the abuse will continue, those networks will be blocked from accessing the resources they abuse.

At this moment the mailservers are being protected from the incoming abuse by the Spamhaus Block List, the Open Relay Database, the Distributed Server Boycott List, the Open Proxy Monitor List @, the Spam Prevention Early Warning System, and the local blocklist of irresponsible networks. In the future this list may be changed. Networks, listed in the blocklist, can not send e-mails to, and in extreme cases - will be null-routed.

All abuse cases are documented, archived, and automatically exposed to the Internet through the Usenet spam archive newsgroup,, and on the local archive of spam evidence files. I reserve all rights to use the spam (Unsolicited Commercial/Bulk E-mail), or any other kind of the abuse of my resources, the way I want. And I do not guarantee any kind of a privacy to those who have abused my resources - any threats will be made public. By spamming my networks, or abusing my resources any other way, you agree with these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, then you do not send me any spam, and do not cause any other abuse of my resources.

Work in progress. Last revised: 13/VII, 2005.
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