You've got Questions?     Here are a few answers.

No.  Savvis Communications has their own web site, at http://www.savvis.netThis web site is neither owned nor operated by Savvis.  In fact, Savvis does not endorse or approve of this site, and has undertaken active measures to try and remove it from the Internet.  My reply to the Savvis Cease and Desist Demand letter can be seen here .

This is a web site devoted to showing the world "the other side of Savvis".  This web site is owned, operated, and supported completely by the owner.  If you haven't figured it out yet, the owner is a "disgruntled ex-employee" :-)   Of course, disgruntled ex-employees have a long and illustrious history as whistleblowers, so don't let a mere label get in your way.

You can't.  This site is 100% non-commercial, and I intend to keep it that way: no donations of any kind, monetary or otherwise will be accepted (with the sole exception being any offers of legal assistance to help keep this site up).  However, if you find this site useful, or even just entertaining, I would ask that you help insure the success of it's mission by writing the various regulatory bodies who oversee Savvis' day to day business, asking them to look into any issues you find especially egregious.  Let's face it: the government has a lot on their hands right now, and prying into a large company isn't high on their list of things to do - unless they are prodded.

To be honest, there are many different reasons: after working for Savvis for four years, I have literally lost count of the many reasons.  Savvis is like any other medium sized business in that it relies unusually heavily on the loyalty and goodwill of it's employees - since it is not a profitable enterprise, an employee who is willing to work 60 or even 80 hours a week, while not complaining that they are only being paid for 40, is golden.  This is, after all, how medium sized companies become large companies, who can then afford proper staffing levels.

Unfortunately, while Savvis expects - in fact, demands - that all of it's employees give 500% all the time, Savvis isn't too keen on returning the favor.  Unless you're a member of their famed "Friends & Family Club" (more on this "club" later).

It is much harder to effect change while still employed by a company than when you are a free agent:  this web site is my salute to the wonderful people I have left behind, but who are not yet in a position to speak for themselves for fear of retaliation.   

Usually, yes.  And yes, I did sign one , and I intend to honor it.  Fortunately, the NDA cannot cover anything which is illegal - an NDA is designed to conceal trade secrets, not illegal behavior.  No document, data, or any other thing covered by a valid and binding NDA will appear on this site.

There is one other area that many people with NDAs need to be aware of, the so-called "disparagement" clauses.  Fortunately for me, Savvis does not have any disparagement language whatsoever in their NDAs (a fact that I believe is likely to change now that this web site is up ;-)

It's coming.  Slowly.  In fact - most of it is still missing, but you can find the outline here :-)