Savvis has a long and interesting history in regards to their NDAs.  When I was originally hired in early 2000, I signed one as part of my employment package.  I no longer have a copy of my original NDA, but I'm sure Savvis does (and will be happy to produce it when the time, and discovery motion, arrives).

In spring of 2002, Savvis distributed one of a slew of new NDAs.  This new NDA had some pretty outrageous clauses in it - I believe it included a five year secrecy clause, and an accompanying five year "you may not work anywhere else in the industry" clause, along with a great "anything you think of for three years after you leave belongs to us, even if you didn't work on such things at Savvis". 

The entire engineering department flat out refused to sign this first new NDA, and much gnashing of teeth ensued all around. 

Eventually, different people ended up with different NDAs.  Some people were allowed to forego the new NDA completely, while others (most of us really) were forced to either sign some version of the new NDA or clean out their desks and move on.  I  ended up signing several versions of the NDA - so many versions, that I actually have lost count.  While Savvis claims that an NDA from September 2002 is the last one I signed, I honestly believe there was at least  one more, in either December of 2002 or January of 2003 (since I remember signing it almost simultaneously with my transfer out of R&D).  Unfortunately, I am unable to dispute Savvis' claim due to a house fire (which destroyed almost every paper in the building) in 2003 - so I am forced to work with the September document as "controlling".  As to why I would sign the awful NDA you'll see below - (a) as I was leaving the R&D engineering department, very little of what I knew was likely to be considered outside the scope of industry knowledge, and by extension, very little of my world would be impacted by the NDA, and (b) the industry had tanked by then, and jobs were scarce (a fact that Savvis joyfully pointed out in staff meetings on a regular basis), and so I really didn't have any choice.

I don't know if the September 2002 NDA I signed is actually legally binding, but I am working under the assumption that it is until shown otherwise. 

The September 2002 NDA can be reviewed here.

Be aware that it was hand copied, and has not yet been checked for typos, although it is likely to be pretty close. The odd indents and numberings are in the original, as are the missing apostrophies and commas - lawyers are like that you know.