[Transcribed excerpt, complete with minor errors.  U.S. Certified Mail #7000-1530-0003-8960-2385.  Letter printed on Savvis formal letterhead.]


May 18, 2004


Alif Terranson
6455 Alamo
Apartment 2E
Clayton, Missouri 63105

Subject: Cease and Desist

Dear Mr. Terranson:    [Note: "Terranson" is scratched out and "Alif" is scribbled over it in blue ink]

It has come to the attention of SAVVIS Communications Corporation and its affiliates ("SAVVIS") that you have recently registered domain name(s) that contain the name of SAVVIS, SVVS, or other trademarks owned by SAVVIS ("SAVVIS Marks").  SAVVIS hereby demands that you immediately (1) cease and desist from registering any domain name(s) and e-mail account(s) containing the SAVVIS Marks, and (2) identify and return to SAVVIS, without expectation of payment, any and all domain name(s) and/or e-mail account(s) you have registered to date containing any SAVVIS Marks.  These demands apply to any actions you have or are contemplating taking in the United States and any and all foreign jurisdictions.  Please be advised that SAVVIS will vigorously pursue any and all rights and remedies it may have at law or equity to protect it's interest in the SAVVIS Marks.

In addition, SAVVIS reminds you of your post-employment obligations of confidentiality.  While in SAVVIS' employ, you signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("Agreement"), attached hereto.  This Agreement restricts you from making use of any confidential information for your benefit for a period of five (5) years following termination of your employment.

[One paragraph elided - unrelated]

Please acknowledge your agreement with the terms of this letter below and return to us by express mail within three (3) business days of receipt thereof.  If we do not receive your response within this time, we will proceed to enforce our legal rights.

SAVVIS Communications Corporation
By: /s/
Name: Lane H. Blumenfeld
Its: Deputy General Counsel & Vice President

Accepted and Agreed:
[Blank line for me to sign on]
Alif Terranson
Date: [Blank line for me to fill in date]

cc:  Sherri Nadeau, SVP, Human Resources