Let's talk about the # problem at Savvis today:  Nepotism and Cronyism.

One of the most amazing things to come out of the first and only Employee Survey was that this was the #1 problem for an awful lot of people.  What's doubly amazing is that Savvis actually released this result!  Of course, Nepotism is a problem which according to Rob McCormick, CEO, does not exist (regardless of the survey results). 


One has to ask, if this is not a problem, why is it that the true Savvis executive hierarchy is not being accurately displayed on Savvis' web site (at http://www.savvis.net/company/profile/management.html)?  Here is the list of executives as of 20 June 2004:

Robert A. McCormick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John M. Finlayson, President and Chief Operating Officer
Jeffrey H. VonDeylen, Chief Financial Officer
Grier C. Raclin, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Bryan S. Doerr, Chief Technology Officer
Timothy E. Caulfield, Managing Director . Worldwide Consulting & Hosting
Matthew A. Fanning, Managing Director . Strategic Accounts
James D. Mori, Managing Director . Americas
Richard S. Warley, Managing Director . EMEA
Dale M. Costantino, Senior Vice President . Global Operations
Vince DiMemmo, Senior Vice President . Global Product Management and Marketing
Bradley T. Hokamp, Senior Vice President . Strategic Accounts and Alliances
Nancy Bridgman Lysinger, Vice President and Treasurer

So, what's interesting about this rather boring looking list?  Hint: it's not what's there, it's what's *missing*.  You would think that with mere Directors on this Managing Executives list, you would have all of the VP's, right? 

Bzzzt.  Welcome to Savvis - where the shareholder only sees what Savvis want's them to see.  Here's a couple of glaringly missing names:

Jonathan McCormick  (yes, his brother).  Senior Vice President of Engineering

Missy McCormick (do you even have to ask?), Vice President of Client Network Integration.

Of course, this is just the *immediate family* that you'll never hear about.  Next, the *rest* of the "family" side of the "Friends and Family" (nepotism and cronyism) side of Savvis.  Stay tuned.